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Did you know that according to research, going smoke-free for 28 days could extend your life by a whole week?

That’s why throughout October, we’ll be joining the NHS’ national Stoptober challenge to ask: Can you kick the habit for a whole month?

Our qualified advisors will be here every day of the month to help you through your smoke-free journey.

And Stoptober isn’t just about the health benefits, you could also save yourself both time and money!

  • the average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day, which equates to 364 cigarettes every 4 weeks. Stoptober would have saved them £141 each over 4 weeks, and if they remain smokefree, they could save £423 by Christmas and £1,696 in a year. Collectively, if all Stoptober participants quit for the 28 days this month they would have saved over £34.5 million
  • with the average cigarette taking approximately 4 minutes to smoke, this Stoptober could have saved the average smoker over 24 hours by not smoking; and cumulatively Stoptober participants would have gained over 680 years in spare time

If you’d like more information on our free stop smoking support, give us a ring on 01474 32 01 23 or email hello@thegrand.org.uk

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