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The Grand Allotment

Our allotment is based near Lion Garage. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables with some of the programmes we run getting involved in maintaining the space.

Over the years we’ve grown everything from raspberries and strawberries to pumpkins, garlic, onions, tomatoes and runner beans.

We don’t have any dedicated allotment projects running at the moment but keep checking back for details.

Allotment planting

Gr@nd Allotment

The Grand Allotment Project


The youth team have recently been working alongside St Johns school engaging young people in an allotment project. The students learnt how to do the basics of turning a growing patch to growing and harvesting their own fruit and vegetables. We had 6 students on the session the young people had planted a range of things such as, carrots, lettuce, runner beans, broad beans, radishes and flowers, on a weekly basis meeting up to weed and water the beds to ensure the fruit and vegetables grew healthily, harvesting this when they had fully grown. This would enable the young people to work on skills such as working as part of a team, making new friends, following instructions and taking responsibilities.

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