Live Well, Feel Good

All the help you could need with your New Year’s resolutions

Many people find it hard to keep their New Year’s resolutions! Major changes in our behaviour are always difficult and even small changes can be challenging. There is no need for you to go through this alone though, the Grand is here to help!

Here’s the Grand’s top 5 resolution busting services:

(1) Lose weight – Why not try one of our four FREE Healthy Weight courses

(2) Quit smoking – Talk to one of our team of level 2 stop smoking advisors for free advice and Nicotine replacement therapy prescriptions

(3) Cut down on drinking – Why not take part in Dryathlon? Save money, lose weight and help a charity?

(4) Find a job, or even a new one! – The Grand runs three weekly job club sessions, contact us to book a place

(5) Try something new – Try one of our beginner’s internet courses or join our Walking Football club!

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