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Completion – 2 year Healthy Weight Programme

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Mrs Chauhan, Mrs Manik and Mrs Kaur joined the healthy weight programme in 2013 at the local Sikh Temple, where it was offered to engage the Asian population in a lifestyle change.

They found out about the programme from word of mouth and joined because of many incentives: It was free, the locality, lack of language barrier and ease of the venue.

The ladies mentioned that they liked the nutritional information and made changes such as having salads, eating smaller portions and also how to make dhal without salt but add alternative seasoning such as lemon juice.

After the course ended, the ladies continued with their walks in the park and started to use Grand’s other services such as computer classes, Naturally Active walks, gym, Run a Mile for Sport Relief and other exercise classes.


The ladies have really done well over the years and have lost weight and kept it sustained.  They have even introduced others to the programme including Mrs Saroopa.

Mrs Chauhan mentioned that she started at 70kg and is now down to 57kg.  She also found she used to have restless legs, could walk but was in pain, now she is 90 per cent better.

She is so pleased now and would like to sustain the weight.  She did have a gap of not being well for 6 months but when we called her during the 2 year period she was motivated to start again.  She also said that her daughter was so surprised at how well she was doing and said: “Mum you are smaller than me in size now!”

Mrs Manku also said that as well as feeling good, her cholesterol has been reduced from 6.4 to 5.6 and her high blood pressure is stable.   Mrs Kaur also said she rejoined and finds it keeps her active and is pleased that Grand offers this service to the community and that there are bilingual workers who are able to understand different cultural needs, especially in diet.

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