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The Bench café

Nestled in the Gr@nd, the Bench Café is a stylish and retro-themed home to eat and drink delicious and fresh produce.

A Bench Café staff member prepares a tasty cappuccino behind the counter
Could this be your tasty cappuccino being prepared by Bench staff member Andrew?

Open from 10:00am to 4:00pm every weekday, the Bench Café in collaboration with Action with Communities in Rural Kent is one of 1,296 ‘Community Food Members’ supported by the charity FareShare which redistributes enough food for 12 million meals a year; good quality food that would otherwise go to waste, therefore benefiting people and planet. 62,200 people benefit from FareShare food everyday.

Bench Café team members read the menu
Andrew and Judy see what’s on the menu today!

And when you’re sipping on your delicious, specialist coffee, the Bench Café offers free Wi-Fi to ensure you’re always in touch with the world wide web.

The Bench Café offers training to people looking for work in the local community. Providing real experience, practical skills and a full understanding of a catering environment.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bench Café, come in and ask to speak to Judy or contact the Gr@nd by phone on 01474 32 01 23

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