GYG Cooking/Catering

GYG Cooking/Catering

Our young cooks work with a professional to learn different healthy dishes each week. They not only get to then make their own food from scratch, but they also hear from a nutritionist to learn how and why each dish is good for you.

Under supervision, they pick their ingredients, prepare and peel and then cook their dishes. So far, the team have made Singapore Noodles, Lasagne and frittata.

The group will learn a range of cooking skills, with aim to professionally cater the GYG event in November for VIP guests.

For more information, please contact us on 01474 320123.

Starting date: Already started

End date: TBC

Day of the week it happens: Mondays

How often happens: Weekly

Times: 4pm – 6pm (arrive for 3.45pm)

Location: The Grand, Gravesend Town Centre (opposite Favourite Chicken).

Age range: 11 – 19 years (25 years with additional needs)

Cost: FREE

Who to ask for:  Rachael

How many places available: TBC

Why do it?  You get to make your own dishes and take the food home to enjoy.

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